We Started as a small family business in May 2019 of home decorations, artificial jewelry, & Clothes . In a couple of months, the business flourished and became one of the leading stores and literally the talk of the town!

Internet has become a basic necessity for the world today. Everything from finding to buying as simple as shopping for groceries happens in a click of a button. To take advantage of the online craze, cater to a larger audience and align with the internet dominated world, we chose to go online and founded “Econkart”.



Econkart stands for authenticity, transparency and values. As the name suggests, we believe in our values (Econkart) and are dedicated to serve our customers with almost honesty and sincerity. The young founder of Econkart Mr. Tirath Ram Goswami.

Econkart stands out as a brand, because the products are personally procured by the owner and carefully packaged with the original material to increase the aesthetics and longevity. The products enlisted in the website are carefully selected, thereby being limited and unique. The speciality of this online store is the reasonable pricing and authenticity of the products. “What you see is what we sell!”

I provide psychotherapy, (brief and extended), didactic sessions and experiential workshops for individual adults and couples. I also provide Adjunct collateral family sessions as needed as often the case when disrupted relationships and/or recovery support and education is required. I also believe in the importance of a treatment team approach and collaborate with other providers of your care if recommended and agreed upon.


My individual appointments are a full 60 minutes and my couple appointments are 75 minutes. Longer sessions are available at request and can be helpful if clients are experiencing difficult challenges that have existed for some time they can’t get through.

I suggest we meet once a week at the start of therapy in order to gain and keep a momentum and make the optimal progress possible. Every person and couple are different depending on their needs and goals. For some, brief sessions are optimal, and for others longer term session are optimal. Once your goals and/or treatment recommendations are met, we finish our work together. Many clients I work with find maintenance or as-needed sessions very helpful.

I am what is referred to as an Out of Network Provider/therapist and purposefully not a provider with any health insurance plans. This means I collect payment at the time of our appointment. I do provide a Receipt that you can submit to your Insurance provider should you chose and based on your individual plan may reimburse you partial or all fees. This however is based on your own unique insurance coverage plan related to mental health and wellness. Please note: Submitting an insurance claim to your Insurance provider requires a mental health diagnosis.

Similar to most therapists, I require a 24-hour notice of cancellation from you to avoid being charged for the appointment. I do have a grace/emergency policy as we all need both now and again. With this said, I inform my clients of two things they may not be aware of until starting therapy. One is that without keeping consistency appointments, progress toward your goals may be difficult to achieve; and, two, therapist book only one client in their therapy-hour because that hour is for you. This also means that if one cancels without ample time to offer the appointment time to another, this hour is not filled. Please be mindful of these things.